Denali Flightsee Tours and Fly-in Hiking

Our flighseeing and air taxi partners offer the most extensive flightseeing tours of Mt McKinley and Denali National Park. Enjoy the experience of viewing grandeur of the Alaska Range and its glaciers up close and personal.
Experienced, professional Alaskan pilot-guides will add to your enjoyment as they narrate your flight with interesting history, geology, and local lore. Your intercom allows you to talk to your pilot and other passengers, and everyone gets a window seat!
Glacier landings and heli-hiking opportunities are also available.

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McKinley Summit Tour

The most extensive tour of McKinley available anywhere. Includes a complete tour of McKinley's glaciers and surrounding peaks plus the added excitement of going right over the top! 1.3 hour flght time.

Denali Glacier Landing Tour

Step into the Ice age for an experience you will never forget! This is the only scenic flight from the Denali Park entrance area that lets you stand on one of McKinley's pristine glaciers. Tour includes north and south side tour of the Mountain and glaciers. Glacier overboots provided. Tour time is 2.5 hours, including 1.8 hours flight time plus 30 minutes on the glacier.
Both tours are exclusive offerings from the Denali National Park entrance area. Everyone gets a window seat. Pilot-narrated tours. Passengers can ask questions, and take greats photos. No weight surcharge. Spotless safety record.
Allow 15 minutes to drive from Denali Touch of Wilderness; 30 minutes for preflight briefing and loading; 15 minuets for off loading.
This tour must be booked through Denali Touch of Wilderness for the discounted rate. Call 1-800-683-2459 or 1-907-683-2459

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Era Helicopter Tours

(M-1) Denali Excursion: 2 hours (50 min)

Enjoy an aerial view of Denali National Park. This 50-minute tour takes you along the spine of the Alaska Range, through unexplored towering peaks and massive glaciers with Mt. McKinley looming on the horizon. (This tour does not go directly to Mt. McKinley. It does however get within 15 miles)

(M-3) Heli-Hiking Adventure: 5 hours (240 min)

Experience the backcountry with a professional naturalist guide. A short flight will leave you and your guide in the Yanert Valley to explore for approximately 3.5 hours. Customized to the group’s ability.

(M-4) Glacier “landing” Expedition: 2.5 hours (75 min)

Explore the beautiful Yanert Valley, located at the base of Mt. Deborah. Just east of Denali Park, view cascading icefalls and the Polychrome Mountain Range. Highlight your tour with a 20-minute landing on the Yanert Glacier. Glacier boots provided.
For more information go to their web site at: To book a tour call 907-683-2574 must mention our Inn and code number

Kantishna Air Taxi

Denali Park Day Excursion (Fly/Drive)
Denali Park Day Excursion (Fly/Drive) Experience Denali Park from the air and the ground. The flight takes you through the heart of Denali Park, giving you a spectacular scenic view. Choose Direct Flight or the Scenic Flyby, which includes flying you to the North face of Denali, traversing the expansive Muldrow Glacier and following the spine of the magnificent Alaska Range.
Option #1 Direct Flight: 35 - minute flight
Option #2 Scenic Flyby: 55 minute flight
Scenci Flight from Kantishna & North FaceLodge
For more information about this tour go to:
This tour must be booked through Denali Touch of Wilderness for the discounted rate. Call 1-800-683-2459 or 1-907-683-2459