The Magic Bus

  • Into The Wild Stampede Trail...just down the road.

Denali Touch Of Wilderness is located on Stampede Rd which turns into Stampede Trail.  Into The Wild- the acclaimed movie. Screenplay and directed by Sean Penn.  We have had people from Italy, Argentina, Korea and United States who have departed from our Bed and Breakfast to make the trek to the Magic Bus.

Do keep in mind that you have to cross two rivers to get to the Fairbanks transit bus #142, if the rivers are swollen-it makes them impassable, and there are other dangers that one should not miscount.  Alaska is Bear country, so that is a real threat.  Moose are very protective of their little ones, yet another threat.  If you truly want to make the trip, you need to speak with the locals and they will tell you of what dangers that could happen on this sought after adventure.

Be wise, be prepared and be observant of your surroundings. You don't want to stumble across an angry Bear or charging Moose. Make sure (for safety) that you hire a guided tour- and letting the Park Service know your going to make the trek.

  • Angry Bear
  • Charging Moose

DVD To Watch While You Enjoy Your Stay

  • DVD Into The Wild

Don't forget to watch our DVD of "Into The Wild" from our vast video collection. We also have small DVD's (for loan) to watch in your room or on your computer for the after 10PM -TV's  off - time.

  • into the wild map

Fairbanks Transit Bus # 142

  • Into The Wild Bus 2
  • The Magic Bus
  • Into The Wild Bus