Rome, (TMNews) - After calling the "maximum penalty"

in deciding the admissibility of amendments during the exam

Parliamentary Napolitano recalled his "numerous warnings"

in past legislatures. Principles, he explained, reiterated

by the Constitutional Court in the judgment of the


That ruling, clarified still the head of state, he

then prompted to send to the Presidents of the Chambers "a

letter in which I felt that in the face of all'abnormità

conversion process I could no longer renounce

avail myself of the right to court, while recognizing that

this could result in the forfeiture of the entire decree

law, they do not have the right to partial referral. "

" I expressed the opinion that also in this case was possible

partial recurrence of the reasons that took into account the places

basis of request for reconsideration. " In '96 the Court itself

Constitutional "has placed a limit on the prohibition of recurrence

the identification of new grounds of necessity and urgency."

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