(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The first of January I will go 'in the center for identification and expulsion of Ponte Galeria, on the outskirts of Rome, to meet the sixteen refugees, landed at the end November on the coast of Sicily. I 'was anticipated that I will receive' out of their hands a letter addressed to the Head of State Giorgio Napolitano, in which the Ponte Galeria kept asking to be heard.'' The state, in a footnote, the Democratic Party Senator Luigi Manconi, President of the Commission on Human Rights in the Senate. The migrants, in their letter addressed to the Head of State, in particular, reveals Manconi,'' asking not to be treated as criminals, since they are not in any way, and that centers comply with the dignity 'of individuals and adapted standard of protection of rights, and that the period of detention is dramatically reduced. I am committed - explained yet Manconi - to send their letter to the Head of State so that 'he, in his wisdom and in his constant concern for the people most' vulnerable desire to urge the authorities' Italian to listen to the demands of those refugees .''

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