Rome, (Reuters) - Dinner yes, but with an eye to food security. Avoiding, for example, to "put on the table frozen berries that have not been boiled for two minutes, and maybe cooked in a pan with water and sugar to form a sweet sauce, or marinated anchovies unless they have been frozen at -18 ° C for at least 4 days. " In the first case, in fact, it is now known the risk of hepatitis A, while in the second facing the threat anisakis, the larva which can cost gastrointestinal problems also very serious man. To remind Adnkronos Health risks but also delights the New Year, it is Circiello Alexander, president Federcuochi Lazio and expert cuisine based on healthy eating, who collaborated on the recipe on Food Safety for the holiday spread by the Ministry of Health.


Confescercenti, New Year's Eve will be 'home' for 80% of the Italians, with an average cost of 92 euro (3 euro more than in 2012). "In these days - remember Circiello - used very oily fish marinated anchovies, sardines, tuna, amberjack, swordfish, mackerel. But if you want to consume raw, it should be left at -18 ° C for 4 days, just so any larvae die. "

From the chef comes the 'green light' to traditional Italian dishes, "Trotter and sausage are two classic ever-present on the boards of the New Year. You can bring to the table garnished with traditional lentils ", which in this period recall more than ever the hope of 'money'," or replace the sausage with the pork tenderloin. "

Here are two recipes that bear the signature of the chef 'health'. "The first are peeled lentils with sausage vanilla. Ingredients for 4 people are peeled lentils g. 300; g red vine tomatoes. 200; g onion. 30, extra virgin olive g. 50; g sausage. 600; vanilla pod, vegetable broth, salt, bay leaves and chives. Keep the lentils in water for a few hours, then toast them in a pan with onion and olive oil, add the bay leaf and vegetable stock, bring to a boil the lentils and add the tomatoes without skin and seeds. For the sausage: boil it in water and vanilla bean. For the composition: have a center plate lentils, add the sausage and scalloped finish with chives. "

The dish 'alternative' are the "lentils with chunks of pork lard. Ingredients for 4 people 200 g of dried lentils, 30 grams of white onion, 60 g of carrots, 60 g of celery, a bay leaf, 150g vine tomatoes, half a glass of white wine, 30 grams of extra virgin olive oil olive oil, salt. For nuggets 200g pork fillet, 40 g lard, 20 g of rosemary 2 slices of sandwich bread for sandwiches. Soak the lentils for a few hours in cold water. Brown in a saucepan carrots, celery, onion into small cubes, add the bay leaf and oil, lentils, add some white wine, let it evaporate, add the tomatoes without skin and water. Cut the pork into cubes, wrap them in bacon cut thin seal spiedinando morsel of pork tenderloin with rosemary in order to secure the bacon fat, cook in hot frying pan. At the end in the same pan cook the slices of bread in a private box edges and spread thinly with a rolling pin. The fresh bread for sandwiches can be described as golden-fried with a little oil and herbs or wrap the pork and cook mo 'crust'.

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