(ASCA) - Rome, -'' It 'ironic that the RAI, the public service, send a haunting and evocative commercials on MALASANITA', with the risk of an increase in medical litigation -legal in health care 'public, in a system inadequate and damaging the responsibility' occupational health, which could be defined as malaresponsabilita'' '. These are the words of comment of the national secretary FP-CGIL Doctors, Massimo Cozza, with regard to the transmission, recovery these days, an advertisement on television RAI, Mediaset and LA7 also provided, www.obiettivorisarcimento.it visible on the site. In the spot, already 'the subject of controversy in the past, we invite the victims of MALASANITA' within ten years to turn a team of experts,'' advances zero and zero risks'','' to reclaim what's yours.'' According to the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) the number of insurance claims for MALASANITA 'only in the public and' state of over 12 thousand in 2102, net of the three regions that have not provided the data. All this in the face of more than 9 million hospitalizations and approximately 1 billion specialist. But every complaint (63% to 11% for personal injury and deaths) can 'relate more' doctors, with the involvement of tens of thousands of professionals. In a recent survey presented at the National Congress on 1 * professional liability, on more than 20 thousand doctors surveyed 99% feel exposed to risk complaints. '' The doctors, even if they have acted in science and consciousness - says Massimo Cozza - with the current system of malaresponsabilita 'more and more likely' the media pillory, however, be subjected to criminal investigations, forced to rely on lawyers and spend years as defendants in the courtroom. Moreover, insurance policies with more and more 'high and with fewer protections also by the same health care companies. So 'as precautionary measures tend to work fewer and fewer cases more' complex, and citizens are subjected to more and more diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions.'' Over 95% of the litigation is resolved then with the acquittal of the health professional, compared to a cost of defensive medicine is estimated by CERGAS Universita 'Bocconi in about 10% of total health expenditure (about 13 billion per year) and citizens several times forced to long obstacle courses to get the right compensation for wrongful damage. '' The current system on the responsibility 'professional care, in the absence of certain legal and appropriate, in the presence of a miraculous vision of medicine and advertising campaigns associations and law firms - continues Cozza - and' wrong and detrimental to the collectivity ', undermining the fundamental relationship between doctor and patient, with a social cost priceless.'' '' It 's time that the Government and in the first place Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin action to the approval of appropriate legislation on responsibility' health professional ', starting from the draft law under discussion in Parliament, promoting a communications campaign social right from the start by Rai. Possibly - said the national secretary of the FP-CGIL Doctors - without getting own goal.''

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