(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The current parliament and 'the most' youngest ever, and the government 'led by a prime minister of forty, yet certain vices die hard: 'the case of the decree' Milleproroghe ', which annually reports unfortunately the inability' of Italian politics to schedule time and meet deadlines and time limits of the law. And 'one of the worst advertising' possible for Italy in the world, a sort of 'institutionalization of late Italian'''. This was stated in a note to the deputy of the Civic Choice Gianfranco Librandi, a member of the House Budget Committee. '' The merit of the measure - he added - go 'evaluated in the coming days, Mr certainly miss vital steps and also appropriate, but it' worrying autoassolutorio the laxity with which you consume this annual rite of Milleproroghe. When we ask the Prime Minister with the Civic Choice Letta and the other majority parties signing a coalition agreement, we are referring to their own needs 'of greater business planning', so that at the end of year you get to these perplexing issue decrees save-all and milleproroghe,'' he concluded Librandi.

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