Rome, - "Italy has an institutional system

that makes it, in fact, ungovernable. The considerations of the

Berlusconi are absolutely shared. " The

said, in a statement, the spokesman for the group to Force Italy

Chamber of Deputies Mara Carfagna, according to which "it is

essential to review the second part of the Constitution,

shaping the new demands of a contemporary democracy:

immediacy choices, cost of skills and

certainty of implementation of decisions. To do this, the only

solution that guarantees representation and participation

different cultures of the large Italian political scene can not

be the Constituent Assembly " .

"You do not tergiversi further - adds Carfagna - now it is

clear that this term is not going to produce any

structural reform can to evolve our

democracy. Need a moment of true break with the past,

necessary to reform the Republic through a process

constituent that follows that of '46-'48. The political forces

become aware of this need imperative and - ends -

guide the change. "

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