(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The delegation sent by Letta in the Congo did not get any results. We have 24 families locked for months in Kinshasa, and now also subject to the unrest of the past few hours. Other European states have resolved to time the same situation. At this point and 'call into question the dignity' of our country. The Premier intervene immediately and in a more 'light on the Authority' of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.'' The state senators of the Democratic Party Cociancich Roberto, a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Isabella De Monte and Andrea Marcucci, who presented several parliamentary questions on the subject, to which the government has never responded. '' It 'a very serious affair, underestimated by the executive - emphasize the senators - and' unheard of that Italian families can not return with their children, adopted respecting all the rules. The government can not 'tolerate being manifestly teased. If the Premier sends a delegation to the Congo, this can not 'go back without having agreed on a positive solution for the citizens involved,'' concluded the senators.

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