ROME (Reuters) - The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano today reiterated its call on the Parliament to the "maximum penalty" in the presentation of amendments to bills of exchange, after blocking the so-called decree 'saves Rome'.

In a letter to the chairmen of the Senate and House, Pietro Grasso and Laura Boldrini, Napolitano back to the "need to check with the utmost rigor the admissibility of amendments to Bills conversion ", following" criteria closely related to the specific object of the same and related purposes. "

On Tuesday, the head of state has blocked the law of conversion of 'save Rome' for too many amendments that have distorted the measure on which the day before the government had won the confidence of the Chamber.

"There have been numerous calls [...] the need to respect the principles relating to the characteristics and content of urgent measures, "says Napolitano, strongly emphasizing the need for the conversion law respecting the necessary homogeneity of the decree. On other news Reuters in Italian. The top news also on / reuters_italia

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