Rome, - Agreement on technical cooperation between

ENAC and the Civil Aviation Authority of Slovenia. "Base

cartel - says ENAC - is the recognition of the signatories

of the importance of cooperation between EU member states,

aimed at the development of the sector and to overcome the

Traditional approach in favor of a national perspective

more integrated European. "

" Through the involvement - explains ENAC - Staff

both authorities designated for each subject area

agreement, cooperation will cover various sectors, including

which : training, testing and licensing of personnel,

flight operations and airworthiness, airports, space

plane, security is understood as a safety and as a security " .;

The memorandum adds body, "represents a significant

strengthening the already excellent relations between the two countries in the field

Aviation civil. " This document "'s objective is therefore

to increase this understanding on the basis of cooperation

bilateral oriented towards new challenges and implementation

of international standards. "

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