Rome, (TMNews) - Foreign Minister Emma Bonino

received today at the Foreign Ministry - in an atmosphere of

friendliness - Mrs. Alma Shalabayeva accompanied by his sons

< p> Alua, Madina and Aldyiar.

The wife of dissident kakazo Mukhtar Ablyazov, expelled with the

Alua daughter last May and returned today from Italy to Rome,

expressed his sincere gratitude for the consistent commitment

that the Minister Bonino and the Foreign Ministry have kept all

last few months, allowing time to yourself and to the small alua of

recover their freedom of movement.

"I was pleased to be able to share with Mrs.

Shalabayeva and her children the joy of being again here in Rome

- the minister said in a statement, adding - At the beginning

June seemed unthinkable achieve this,

but we failed thanks to the determined and consistent action

the government and the parliamentary forces. "

Bonino explained that" the departure of Mrs. Shalabayeva and

Alua Kazakhstan has been possible thanks to the

cooperation provided by the Kazakh authorities in the last phase

of the story. "

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