Venice, (TMNews) - "This is a classic example

virtuoso of how we should think first of all needs

of people, even in difficult logistical conditions. In other

times, perhaps, you would have said 'sorry, but you must wait

Spring'. Congratulations then ULSS 12 Venice and its

director general Giuseppe Dal Ben, who has provided the citizens

Venice's historic center continuity of service

valuable as a diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging. "

This was underlined by the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia,

hearing the news that, pending the replacement of the

MRI old Civil Hospital of Venice with a new one (waiting

in the spring), not to interrupt the service was done

arrive at the lagoon a giant 20-ton tractor-trailer,

now parked alongside the emergency room, containing a

MRI that will work pending the entry into

by the new one.

"Bravo who had the idea - adds Zaia - but even those good

has completed an operation logistically very

complex. And 'the case of say - said Zaia - that

Health Veneto, to assist its citizens, it does not stop

at nothing. "

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