(ASCA) - Rome, -'' If the minister Kyenge'' 2014 will be 'the year of the new citizenship law inspired by the ius soli', then there is' a more reason 'to be sent home immediately.'' Writes on twitter Carlo Fidanza, Head of Delegation of the Brothers of Italy to the European Parliament, which adds in a footnote:'' judging by the statements of the Minister Mauro openness to foreigners and the army by the latest announcement of Kyenge, and ' reasonable to expect that in the'' contract with the German 'for the next few months back by force that which, according to the Government, all Italians consider it a real priority'. On the other hand, in the parallel world of Letta, taxes are reduced, and the crisis' behind us, 'began shooting, Italy asserts itself in Europe and has finally regained its credibility' international. There 's time to do something else then. We return as soon as possible - concluded Fidanza - the word to the people, to let members Letta and the parallel world and give Italians a government worthy of the name who is concerned first with their problems and not, with all due respect, the alleged problems Italian who often do not even want to become.''

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