Ankara, (TMNews) - The State Council, or the maximum

Turkish administrative court annulled the controversial

decree approved by the government last week obliging

cops to inform his superiors before carrying out an arrest

ordered by the judiciary. In the land of the raging scandal

corruption that led to prison 24 people, including two

sons of ministers, managers and entrepreneurs foreground

politicians of the ruling party. Three ministers have resigned and

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has replaced ten members

of its executive. Dozens of police officers who have

operated in ongoing investigations have been removed.

A circular published on Sunday obliged all officials

police to inform their superiors before carrying out arrests or

searches arranged by the judiciary. A second measure that

observers represented an attempt to governod

tighten control over the police, harshly attacked by the

Board of Governors of the Turkish judiciary, that the 'he called


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