Rome, (TMNews) - Lady Gaga says she has found "the true

love." "It 's so hard to find because of the fame and

Success - told the magazine" Fashion "that has

interviewed for the February issue - but at the end I

made. When you meet someone who is not intimidated by the

great people around you or love you

receive, then that is love. The men have not always been

happy for me. For them it was hard to see a woman get

success. "

The lucky referred to by the singer's boyfriend

actor Taylor Kinney, now together her for several months. Gaga

also told how music helped her fight

depression. "I put all my pain in my work. If

look at the cover of the new album is an explosion of joy, that

however, comes from a deep sadness. I was born sad. Not

I lived until I went up on stage. "

The 27 year old told then that her fashion style is

a way to be happy . "I'm so, I do not play and do not want

promote myself, the way I dress is exactly

expression as they are and fashion has helped me not to be

sad. For that I hold dear to my wardrobe and I

close attention to how I leave home, "he said.

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