(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The decree milleproroghe will be 'more' homogeneous and better defined characters in his urgency, but the music does not change compared to the previous decree 'save Rome' . Always extensions it is, again and again discharged debt on the backs of taxpayers is being discussed. The government Letta boat taking water from all sides and beyond the 'emergencies, combines forward to every concrete act. The government essentially floats, chased by urgent and vacuum energy to design a gram of the future.'' The said Osvaldo Napoli, a member of Forza Italy. '' It 's true, perhaps, that the legislative procedures constitute a brake on iniziaive the government, but since this is a perennial problem, always refused to denounce it when it was Silvio Berlusconi, the vacuum greater than this government regards the ability' to draw any strategy of economic and social policy, reduced to battua by the Minister of Economy Fabrizio Saccomanni. Continues to read ringed figures miserable and the collapse of his credibility 'policy is turning into a new collapse of credibility' of the country. Better would be to bring down the curtain on this bad representation,'' he concludes Naples.

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