London, - (Adnkronos) - Cinquina yes, but no walks. Sebastian Vettel prepares to go hunting for the fifth consecutive World. The German Red Bull, absolute ruler of the 2013 season, he fears that the next season will be heavily affected by the new rules. The regulatory revolution, says the 26 year old from Heppenheim, is likely to increase the gap between the top teams and the teams who aspire to a leading role.

'' The next year things will change and it is difficult to predict how all this will affect competition. I just hope it does not create too much distance between the various cars. Over the past two years, we have had a close battle between different teams,'' said Vettel, the magazine Autosport, referring in particular to the weight of the news related to the engines.

The world champion, in fact, seems to forget part of the script 'imposed' on the circus in the league finished a couple of months ago. The German has crushed the competition with 9 wins in a row after the summer break and has hit the target in advance champion. '' In general, we have seen positive races,'' said Vettel, who in a couple of occasions he has even had to deal with the boos during the awards ceremonies.

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