(ASCA) - Rome, - He decided, in the course of the technical panel held this morning at police headquarters, supervisory measures, order and security, on the occasion of the initiatives planned in the capital and in the province to celebrate the New Year 2014. The situation will be 'constantly monitored by staff in the Joint Situation Room of Via di San Vitale, where agents of the police headquarters, staff of the Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Rome Capital Police, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection and 118 operators will coordinate the work of women and men in the area. Particular attention will be 'paid to access the subway and railway stations to facilitate the inflow and outflow of users. A garrison will be 'present at Ponte Galeria Station, where and' planned a major event at the Fiera di Roma. Even the Bomb Squad of the Police Headquarters will be 'busy all night to safeguard the security of its citizens in order to prevent accidents due to improper use of pyrotechnic material. As regards transport, the lines A, B and B1 Metro, will ensure continued service from 5.30 am to 31.12 2.30 January 1, 2014. For buses and trams instead, the end of the race at 21.00. It will not be 'finally active night service.

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