Rome, - "It's amazing that for years who should

act decisively on the Monte dei Paschi di Siena act

instead of white glove service rapists red

bank Tuscan become in the decades bivouac of the left. " The

says Senator Maurizio Gasparri Fi, vice president of


"It incriminates Berlusconi also a leaflet propaganda

election, but in other cases it is observed aggregates. And even the great

newspapers, dominated by bankers, are the new megaphone

operators of this disaster. There are billions of public money

game. Funds that may not be returned. Too many palaces

were watching. What those who watched from Via Nazionale today

was rewarded by Monti with other public chairs - calls

Gasparri -? There are faults of the left, to the Ministers and authorities

supervision. It is the largest Italian scandal, which is

treated as a masterpiece of science banking. While it is the

synthesis of old and new wickedness. We want the truth. That

however, those who follow these events for decades know

perfectly. Prior to the leaders pci-pds-ds-pd must be punished all

those who have closed their eyes. And the institutions are

full. "

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