Rome, - The Foreign Ministry is doing its utmost to

resolve the issue of Italian families locked in

Democratic Republic of the Congo to complete the process of

adoption of their children, so as to have also decided to

strengthen the embassy on site, by sending two other

officials. And 'as he assured the Foreign Minister Emma

Bonino, during the press conference to present

Italian-Africa initiative.

Questioned by the press, the minister underlined

as the "diplomatic mediation has arrived at the level of

Presidency of the Council", also highlighting how the authorities

Italian strive "with insistence and determination to day

day in a difficult situation."

Taking advantage of an intervention by Ambassador in Kinshasa

at the conference print Italy-Africa initiative,

Bonino then appealed to Kinshasa because "

issue of Italian families in the Congo can be overcome

in dialogue and mutual understanding, because I believe that

this helps to put the common good practices that are

necessary. "

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