(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The sting of yet another etariffe prices will fall 'families from 1 gennaio2014, despite the continuing sharp decline in consumiche still characterizes the market'' . The rileval'Osservatorio National Consumers Association, explaining that lastangata scheduled for each household will be 'of 1,394. According to the Consumers' Association, the reasons thimbles'' increases are not only related to the usual volonta'speculative, but also to unresolved issues of our strutturaeconomica, in terms of competitiveness' and oppressioneburocratica, as well as' public services that scaricanosprechi, inefficiencies and cronyism on prices and sulletariffe. Are the only ones known in contrast nuovimeccanismi calculation that lead to predictions of the cholesterol-reducing rates of electricity and gas.'' It is'' unsustainable increases that determinerannonuove and heavy repercussions on living conditions dellefamiglie''. The recipe includes'' Consumers Association ripresadella market demand, liberalization and processes didetassazione cutting waste and privileges, nonche'investimenti for innovation and technological development work peril'','' otherwise the exit from the crisis fara'sempre more ' remote and unlikely.''

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