Rome, (TMNews) - The Music Raitre presents, Saturday 28

December o'clock on RAI-3, The Italian character, an episode

special dedicated Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa


The Italian character recounts the last thirty years of life

National Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, one of the orchestras

< p> the most renowned in the world. Thanks to a clever use of the repertory

Rai, you will have the opportunity to review the great directors who have

occupied the podium most prestigious of Rome and through the events

individual members of the orchestra and its current

director, Maestro Antonio Pappano, you will be spectators

a fascinating world and usually hidden. The documentary,

directed by Angelo Bozzolini, says a national identity, a

historical event and a unique approach to life

characteristic of a country loved but very often in the world


At the main theme of the story is the setting for the presence of

some of the best soloists and conductors in the world, captured in the

time of their interaction with the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia

and, through it, with the Italian world. It is directed by

Angelo Bozzolini.

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