(ASCA) - Turin, Dec. 30 - Turin'' and 'the city' more 'dynamic in Italy.'' The Mayor Piero Fassino said at a press conference at the end of the year, stressing that'' the city 'has all the resources, experience and capacity' to make it 'that 2014 is the year that brings us out of the crisis.'' The weight of the debt despite filing constant remains high. In 2014 will come down 'finally under 3 billion even if a breath, to 2.983 billion euro, 112 less than in 2012, more than 300 compared to 2010, the junta Chiamparino. Fassino stressed that the strategic lines of action of the city 'also in 2014 will be based first of all on the culture, (which' prime factor of change, and which will be 60 million total resources of which 20 are from sponsors) innovation (the city 'won in 2013 11 International calls on smart city, and will implement in the next year' and will build 'programs), the urban transformation (from Westinghouse, variant 200, the citadel of the sport when it should finally start the construction site for the consolidation Plazzo of Labour), but also on welfare (which this year saw a 20% increase families who have requested financial support) and services for children (thanks to outsourcing of some structures have helped maintain unchanged the offer).

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