Lucca, - (Adnkronos) - Caught in Germany a fugitive from Lucca, Claudio Tenth Bindi, 46, is wanted by September 2009, when he and 'absconds, having to serve the remainder of a year and a half in prison. It 'was sentenced to more than five years for international cocaine trafficking. Later, and 'was hit by other convictions for bankruptcy fraud and embezzlement and cumulative punishment had become of 9 years and two months.

Entrepreneur first in the paper industry and then in the goldsmith, in 1995 Bindi, a character known until then in Lucca, had stumbled upon a history of drug, accused of being part of a cocaine trafficking from the south America and experiencing this for a heavy sentence. Then, in continuation of his work, he also opened a goldsmith in Capannori, in the hamlet Lunata, but that 'not been particularly successful.

Now the inaction of Bindi and 'finished: and' been located in Germany, after an investigation by the Investigative Unit, headed by prosecutor Piero Capizzoto of the Prosecutor of Lucca, which lasted four months and conducted with the classical methods the search of the fugitives. Were controlled the movements of his immediate family, their habits, relations entertained with these other people, bank transactions. (Continued)

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