Milan, (Adnkronos) - "The rainfall in the last two days have resulted in substantial snow accumulation thickness of the mantle, which may exceed one meter. In the next few days is therefore strongly recommended not to move in the mountains outside of marked ski runs and unattended. " Recommends the Regional Councillor for Security, Civil Protection and Immigration Lombardy Bordonali Simona, who is also chairman of AINEVA (Association interregional snow and avalanches), after the heavy rainfall of the last two days, that the mountain had snowy nature.

"This recommendation - says councilor Bordonali - is intended not only to ensure their own safety, but also to those who might be overwhelmed by avalanches caused by other hikers. If you want to deal with sciescursionistiche activities, ski touring or snowshoeing - is the warning of the regional head of the Civil Protection - invites you to avoid places exposed and known, should first consult with the utmost attention to the Snow and avalanche bulletin issued daily by the center Nivo weather Harp (0342.914401) or the operations room of Civil Protection (800 061 160). It is also recommended not to use snowmobiles and acquire Arva, probe and shovel for the search and rescue of any person buried under an avalanche. "

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