Rome, (TMNews) - Just watch TV or go to some

of the best restaurants in the world: Italy is a confirmation

land of chefs, food quality, innovation and

creativity. A '"art" of taste told by "Product of Italy"

the weekly TGR dedicated to excellence in our

country and edited by Giorgio Tonelli and Giancarlo Zanella, in wave

Saturday, December 28th at 11:30 on RAI-3. That is a cook

profession today attracts many young people, but the complicity of the media

especially the employment opportunities offered by food and wine

hotel hospitality According to Coldiretti this year are:

were over forty-six thousand subscribers to the hotel schools,

tourism and agriculture against twenty-one who have chosen

professional institutes with industry address. The "food",

So, it beats the industry for two to one.

Among the services in summary, a trip to two schools where the

taste is the home of the hotel school Serramazzoni in Emilia

Emilia Romagna, and the high school kitchen Tione, in Trentino.

Institutes where they are needed study and sacrifice, with

passion and commitment, because a good dish can satisfy not only

the body but also the mind, becoming almost an adventure of


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