(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The government continues to claim that he created jobs, but today it sbugiardano Istat data and show that the Northern League has long supported: this executive is leading the country into the abyss.'' This was declared by the leader of the Northern League in the House Committee on Labor, Massimiliano Fedriga. '' Without intervention shock that could revive the productive world unemployment will continue 'to rise. And 'useless to continue on the path of taxes and incentives mini, this path only leads to suffocation of businesses and therefore jobs. You have to work by reducing the cost of reducing taxes for businesses and leaving more 'money in payroll to employees to boost the domestic consumption. To find the resources and 'need to cut waste, starting with the laws established' marchettare and by ad hoc decrees to encourage small constituencies of some of the parliamentary majority. Implementing fiscal federalism could also eliminate the waste of some areas of the country, gaining 30 billion euro to be able to reinvest the tax cut. Unfortunately other forzepolitiche, even opposition, they think only about how to maintain the welfare state in the South without worrying about companies closing and citizens who no longer have 'a job,'' he concludes Fedriga.

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