(ASCA) - Rome, -'' Berlusconi should resign: Italians not only know how to vote, but they also know very well distinguish between words and deeds, between those who promise to remove taxes and restarting the country and people really do, between those who produce and those seductive slogan tells the story of a reality 'that does not exist. Too many times reading the statements of members of Forza Italy you have even the feeling that they are aware of getting off at the wrong station and if they remain there under the shelter full of hatred to hope that the train derail the government's power so as to produce at least a reason to give meaning to their actions.'' This was stated by Matteo Colaninno, a member of the Democratic Party. '' The government instead is continuing its march along the right track, the first results (see for example the reduction of the tax burden) have already 'seen and if it continues this way will soon be' out of the tunnel of the crisis. Ask a reshuffle and therefore 'legitimate and it' possible if you need to change a few wagon thus improving the speed 'of the race, it would be counterproductive if it would serve as an excuse to stop the travel of a train station after station is bringing Italy more and more' close to Europe,'' he concludes Colaninno.

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