Rome, - After the controversy surrounding the failure

garbage collection on Christmas Day, Roma Capitale and Ama

launched a special plan for the decoration of the city: the

end of a junta extraordinary Mayor Ignazio Marino and

the deputy Estella Marino announced that

decorum urban and environmental policies will be allocated 4 , 9

million euro, taken from the reserve fund.

"We have expressed our irritation for our city

dirty" during the holidays Christmas "and we decided to

provide an extraordinary intervention in the coming days,

Ama enhancing means and men in our city" until

January 10, Marino said, noting that the four

thousand operators and drivers on duty every day he

add other "five hundred" that will be used throughout

the territory, "especially in the operations of decorum around

at the bins and the stuffed leaves."

For the New Year's Eve Ama has organized a task force

350 operators and 70/2 which will come into action from 3 to

night to remove waste and clean up the city. The first

January 2014 Ama has ensured that 2500 will be the operators and

drivers, 40% more than in 2013, engaged in the

collection waste and street cleaning, divided into three


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