(ASCA) - Rome, -'' I have personally spoken with the President have read and take note of your statement which confirms that it will 'still launched in a few days, the provision under which the relaxation of the constraints of the Stability Pact 'for Venice, closing so' this unfortunate incident.'' This was stated in a statement the Secretary for Economy and Finance Pier Paolo Baretta. '' The rule, in fact - adds Baretta - had been agreed at all levels and already 'bollinata by the General Accounting Office. Nevertheless, not 'was inserted in the decree to be published for reasons of simplification that has followed the withdrawal of the decree on local government and not for political reasons or merit.'' '' This ', but' confirmation - concludes Baretta - which makes it more and more 'necessary and urgent to a different and more' rational way of legislative output, so that, in the absence should ultimately suffer the negative effects of the situations that less have responsibility ', but the greater urgency, I think, of course, not only to the case of Venice, but, for example, also to the municipalities in trouble' or pre collapse, for reasons not dependent on the will 'of the directors in office for which they were well planned interventions that have been excluded from the decree.''

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