New York, - Google and Apple are challenging to

a new field: the field of cars. While Apple is already

working with several automakers - including BMW,

Mercedes Benz, General Motors and Honda - to integrate its

devices in the system operating vehicles, Google is preparing

to announce a collaboration with the German group for Audi

develop systems for entertainment and information for car

based on Android.

The story of the two technology giants will be more apparent from the

next week, when more details will be announced

at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas

Nevada, now one of the main showcases for the world

automotive electronics.

After years of competitions in the field of the tablet, the smartphones

and operating systems, Google and Apple "cars are

becoming the new mobile device" on which to focus, he

commented on the ' Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski. The two groups

computer "have been noticed and are trying to establish

alliances to bring the technology into their vehicles."

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