will also continue during the first ten days of January the carousel Atlantic perturbations over much of the continent Europeo.Al moment nothing seems able to stop a cyclone particularly in the form of Iceland, which will continue to send the impulses rainy Also on our Penisola.Già Thursday 2 we deal with the first perturbation of the month of January, which will bring clouds and scattered showers in the Centre Nord.Una new and more pronounced during bad weather then come close to Epiphany, with more rain , snowfall and strong winds in the Alps. In summary: Friday 3: strong variability on the peninsula, with a few more cloud cover over central regions where you can still have some weak squall, best in the North with clear skies and little nuvolosi.Sabato 4: increasing clouds in the North and West of Tuscany with the first rainfall. Elsewhere with good stable weather and dry climate. Temperatures without changes rilievo.Domenica 5: bad weather with scattered showers in the North Central, locally intense high on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the high plains of the North. Heavy snowfall on alpine mountains over 1000 meters. Twenty southern thesis on all mari.Lunedì 6: displacement instability in the south and along the Adriatic, improves the North starting from the western regions. Editors Classmeteo

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