Milan, - "The year 2013 has been for an Italian Stock Exchange

very important year, marked by the launch and development

of new projects and activities." So the CEO of Borsa Italian,

Raffaele Jerusalmi, commented on the outcome of 2013.

"The resumption of freshmen with 20 admissions markets

share of the Italian Stock Exchange, including the largest IPO since 2000

for equivalent required, Moncler, is a new point

starting important not only for the financial market, but

for the entire Italian economy, "he said.

" The use of the capital market to finance growth

by companies - has added Jerusalmi - can

represent an important engine of growth for our

Country. On the Italian Stock Exchange, in fact, pass

capital from all over the world: the Italian Stock Exchange is a square

International Finance of the most efficient and competitive

that attracting the interest of investors from all

continents; remember that over 90% of the shareholder base of the

Top Stories is made up of international investors. "

"Italian Stock Exchange, also - he concluded - continues to work

to help the growth of financial literacy among the

unlisted companies as evidenced by the initiative Elite today

already includes 131 non-listed companies. "

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