Arezzo, - (Adnkronos) -'' A year among the most difficult we have faced providing services and maintaining open yards, having in the center of the interest of the citizens. And all this despite a massive shortage of resources.'' In the year-end press conference, the mayor of Arezzo, Giuseppe Fanfani, pointed out that the last decade have dramatically changed the system of local self-government'' in 2002 our budget was 142 million euro. In 2012 we are down to just under 81 million. A drop of more than 40%. Despite this, we have maintained the social services and childcare. A drastic reduction, precisely because of the scarcity of resources, on the other hand has affected the entire field of public works.''

The year 2013 was characterized by significant urban acts including the unanimous approval by the City Council, the review of the Town Planning Regulations and the new Building Regulations. Resolutions that go in the direction of administrative simplification, the incentives of architectural quality and innovation, environmental energy.

On the subject of public works have continued the work that will find their conclusion next year. Fanfani pointed out, among others, school camp and guest athlete, theater Petrarch, covered market in the Lodges of the grain, the ground floor of the palace of the Fraternity at Piazza Grande. (Continued)

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