Rome, - The Regional Council of Veneto has denied

permission to hydrocarbon exploration in Polesine required by the

Italian company Northsun Spa in Rome. This was announced by the commissioner

Defense regional soil Maurizio Conte, who brought the

measure, adopted by the councilor at the concert

Economic Development Isi Coppola, with whom he is welcomed

full judgment is not favorable compatibility

to issue the environmental permit, issued by the Commission

regional EIA.

The request for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the project

hydrocarbon exploration, called The risorta "in the territory

of the towns of the Adriatic Sea, Gaven, Cuttack , Villanova Marchesana,

Corby, Papozze and Adriano Polesine of the Province of Rovigo and

of Municipalities in the Province of Ferrara, was presented by

Roman firm in December last year. Closed

the technical investigation, the Commission had regional EIA

opinion expressed in July interlocutory not favorable.

Subsequently, the company had sent the Italian Northsun

observations about the impediments. In November, the

VIA Regional Commission are meeting again but confirmed

with the final opinion of the judgment is not favorable compatibility

environment on the project, which the junta Regional done

own. (Contd.)

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