(ASCA) - Rome, Dec. 30 - Several associations and members of the country'''' LasciateCIEntrare have filed a complaint-complaint at the European level to ask that shed light on the situation of detention, defined ' 'illegitimate'', in which there are seventeen Eritreans and Syrians detained for over two months at the Centre for relief and initial reception (SCFA) Contrada Imbriacola in Lampedusa, after surviving the tragic shipwrecks off the island in 'October. '' Their situation, both for material reception conditions, and the lack of formal measures which define the legal status - it is stated in the complaint - is classified as an 'inhuman and degrading treatment' prohibited by Article . 3 of the ECHR, as well as being a tense situation that could produce exaggerated gestures of self-harm.'' In the document, addressed to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, the Committee for the Prevention of Torture of the Council of Europe, UNHCR, the European Union Commission and the European Committee of Social Rights is argued then that '' migrants are detained in inhuman and degrading conditions objectively, without any measure it 'rule of law as a justification for their detention for more than 70 days do not have - it is stressed again - no chance' to refer to the Italian judiciary 'cause no action detention and 'was never notified to them.''

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