Rome, - Avalanche hazard "marked" areas

mountain of the Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d'Aosta,

Friuli Venezia Giulia, while it remains " strong "in some areas

Rhaetian Alps of Piedmont and Lombardy and Orobiche in for

or spontaneous avalanches are likely caused by a

weak overload. He says the bulletin Meteomont Body


In Trentino Alto Adige situation remains unstable

snowpack, which shows a weak and moderate

bonded on many steep slopes above 1,400 meters and

all exposures. In Piedmont, the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian

the level of avalanche danger is 'considerable', while it remains

"strong" on the rest of the field, with the tendency of the danger

increase of Maritime and Ligurian Alps. In Lombardy foothills of the Alps

Lombardy, the danger is "considerable", yet "strong" instead of the Alps

Rhaetian and Orobiche.

Given the precarious conditions of the current mantle

snowy, the Forest Service does not recommend the activities outside of the

marked and groomed trails and conducting business

excursions that require always careful evaluation

local hazard and a choice of routes. I

points of greatest danger are represented by the steep slopes

(inclination greater than 30 °) and areas of aeolian

such as basins, channels and zones crest.

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