(ASCA) - Rome, Dec. 30 - Two journalists of Al Jazeera in Egypt were arrested this morning on charges of violation of'' national security''. This was announced by a source in the Interior Ministry in Cairo, according to which'' the journalists arrested are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood'', banned by the government in recent days as a'' terrorist organization''. The Al Jazeera journalists arrested Egypt's Mohamed Adel Fahmy, Cairo bureau chief of the correspondence and the Australian Peter Greste. Fahmy and 'was identified by the Egyptian Interior Ministry not with the generality' or the 'nationality, but only as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood''''. The security forces raided a hotel in the capital, where the two journalists had set up a makeshift studio,'' and forced them to follow them after confiscating their equipment and other material,'' as local media reported. The two journalists are accused of'' broadcast live information detrimental to national security.'' Since the coup of July 3, with which he was deposed then-President Mohamed Morsi, the authorities 'Egyptian authorities have repeatedly resorted to repressive measures against Al-Jazeera, which' bear a'' position of part in favor of the Islamists,'' as reported by the Interior Ministry statement, stating that'' some journalists of Al-Jazeera are long in custody'' in Egyptian prisons. (Source: AFP).

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