Baghdad, - A few hours before the spokesman

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Ali Moussawi, announced that

camp that blocked a highway near Ramadi and

that the Shiite-led government now considered a hotbed of al

Qaida, had been dismantled and the road reopened. The operation is

was completed "without any loss after al-Qaida and

its members had fled from the field," he explained Moussawi,

< p> explaining that the police were looking for him now

refugee activists in the city.

Camp Ramadi was a year the tip of a movement

< p> protest of the Sunni minority launched after the arrest

suspicion of terrorism in the Rafah Issawi, an influential political

Sunni then Minister of Finance. Two days ago the forces of

Iraqi security had arrested at his home in

Ramadi, the Sunni lawmaker Ahmed al-Alwani known for his

of support for the protesters tent city at the end of a

firefight in which they killed his brother and five

guards and 18 people were injured, including ten in the

agents. (With source AFP)

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