Florence, - (Adnkronos) -'' The barrel end of the year? Maybe they can to please men but they sure do not like animals, and indeed, they are very dangerous.'' This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Florence Catherine Biti ahead of the New Year.

'' A specific order against the barrels would be essentially useless because it would be impossible to enforce it - says Biti - but I urge all Florentines and tourists who will be in the square in town for the festivities on 31 December to demonstrate responsibility and civilization. The barrels, which can be very dangerous for people too, can prove fatal for the animals, who are terrified by the noise so loud unfamiliar.'' Every year in Italy are about 5,000 animals dying for the barrels, because of fear or directly affected. Among them there are also many domestic animals and birds as well as wild animals.

'' We ask all - said the commissioner Biti - not to explode firecrackers and in particular not to do in the vicinity of the kennels, first of all, the city of refuge Ugnano. Let's not forget the animals, even during the holidays.'' Some useful advice to mitigate the damage: keep the animals in the room more soundproof, let him hear the radio or TV and lowered the shutters; never leave them on the balcony because they could jump off, tie them to beware, because in turmoil could choke, and if hide, do not force them to leave.

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