Rome, (TMNews) - Another billion and 500 million euro

for interventions in infrastructure and public works in the South decided

today in the Council of Ministers. "A further boost to a

restart the economy and employment - says minister

Infrastructure and Transport Maurizio Lupi - is calculated

fact that the impact on employment of both 70/80mila seats

from the opening of the yards in the spring of

2014. "

The Wolves minister stressed in particular the effect

6000 steeples positive program: "Interventions

infrastructure between EUR 500 thousand and one million euro for the

municipalities under 5,000 inhabitants. They are works of redevelopment of the

territory and providing employment to small and medium-sized enterprises

premises. We received over 5000 applications. With 100 million

allocated by the Decree of do we have funded 115 other

it will fund with 50 million added to this end with the

Law stability, and we plan to develop it further in

during 2014. Now, with the billion not spent and recovered from

European structural funds for the South, we will respond positively

to the many questions of the four regions where those funds were

intended. "

The other 500 million of European Structural Funds reallocated

cantierabili will work immediately to increase the

Piano cities, with which they are currently already been financed

28 projects.

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