Rome, - "From the beginning I had enabled - comments

Councillor Coppola - because they were welcomed and supported

instances of the territories which are contrary to each research hypothesis and

extraction of hydrocarbons to the impact they may have on

such a sensitive area as the Po Delta. The municipalities and the same entity

Po Delta Park has approved a specific order

day against this eventuality. What we have reason has been

last confirmed also in the technique, with a view

widely motivated to protect this territory. "

" The opinion the commission - said the commissioner Count - it

He concludes with the statement that, given the connotations

geological, hydrological, hydraulic and environmental expressed by

context does not appear consistent new shares of mining research

from esplicarsi on areas that are already subject to subsidence as a result of:

previous mining Furthermore, it is stated that

within specified is not allowed by the rules of Veneto (LR

36/97) the construction of wells for the exploration and extraction of

hydrocarbons in the subsurface. This makes it impracticable and

inapprovabile in the concrete and right of appeal is extended

to obtain the mining permit research

hydrocarbons in the subsurface ( natural gas), that any

consequent mining concession for the extraction of hydrocarbons

in the subsoil, which is the end of the search. "

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