(AFP) - Tokyo, Dec. 30 - The Tokyo Stock Exchange stores lamigliore annual performance of four decades in this partesulla wake of economic support measures undertaken dagoverno and Bank of Japan that have made sinking the dollar yensul supporting exports of the country. The Nikkei-225 index finished the last session of 2013con a rise of 0.69% to 16,291 points worth more 'altodel 57% compared to the last closing last year. This is the best performance since 1972, when the Nikkei listinogiapponese almost doubling 'the suovalore, doing better than Wall Street where the Dow and the S \x26amp; P500fecero scoring record values. During 2013, the Japanese currency has lost about unquinto of its value increasing from 87 yen to the dollar difine 2012 share 105.35 yen. This has made the country esportazionidel much more 'affordable and sustained revenues degliesportatori. Among the biggest gains this year, to report Sony (Berlin: SON1.BE - news) Cheh almost doubled its value reaching 1,826 yen, Toyota, rising by 60% to 6,240 yen, and the largest bank Mitsubishi UFJ jumped delpaese of 50.5%. Best of all pero'ha fact the mobile operator SoftBank (Xetra: SFT.DE - news) that after acquisitol'americana Sprint Nextel has tripled its value in 9.200yen. But despite the record year, the Nikkei ancoral'ombra remains of what once was. The list Japanese leap 'up a39.000 points in the last days of 1989, before delloscoppio bubble that sent her azionarionazionale the market for the next two decades.

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