New York, (TMNews) - It 's the comparison more intriguing,

at the moment, in the presidential elections of 2016. And the

two contenders, in the opinion of Americans, I

would come out pretty much on par. Former Secretary of State,

Hillary Clinton, and the current governor - just confirmed -

of New Jersey, Chris Christie, enjoy the fact of the same votes

in a hypothetical clash to happen to Barack Obama at the helm

the United States.

According to the survey by CNN / Orc, Republican Christie enjoys the

< p> time of 48% of the vote, while Clinton, Democratic, is

to 46 percent, a difference, then, within the margin

of error provided for detection. The governor of New

Jersey is in the lead among independent voters and among men,

while Clinton enjoys broad support among women. None

of the two politicians is currently a candidate officially to the House

Bianca, but they are both considered to be two potential winners

of the primaries of the two parties.

Christie seems to be the only potential Republican candidate

able to keep up with the former first lady and Secretary of State:

Clinton is leading by 8 points in comparison with the deputy

Paul Ryan, former vice presidential candidate with Mitt Romney, the

13 points against Senator Rand Paul, 18 points against

Senator Ted Cruz - one of the candidates for the title of 'person

of the year' of Time - and 21 points against the former governor of

Florida, Jeb Bush.

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