Rome, (TMNews) - "After yet another fool on

-saving friends and family, is emerging harsh reality that I have read and

its harmful government trying to hide." And 'what has

said in a statement the national coordinator of Brothers

of Italy, Guido Crosetto.

"The operation that was approved - he added - worse

further an already untenable situation. The pressure

tax increase, as well as unemployment. Nothing has been

made to give a little 'confidence and hope to a nation

on the verge of a nervous breakdown as well as economic. "

In the opinion of the exponent of FDI "this government does not have the

capacity nor the goal of changing the situation. A

Letta interested only be promoted by those who count in Brussels and

satisfy banks and insurance companies. In one thing only did not

lied, that is to say that 2014 will be a better year. But

unfortunately it will be compared to 2015 if you do not allow the

democracy to express themselves. "

" After the dramatic failure of Monti, Napolitano - he said again

Crosetto - still wants to continue supporting this abomination?

The President of the Republic does not realize that there is no

even the line of the government but has become the sum of

policies unrelated to each other that every minister carries out

individually in order to protect themselves and their staff

future, only for some from the economic point of view? This is

one of the worst governments that Italy has had. "

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