Florence, - (Adnkronos) -'' A strong appreciation for the achievement before the expiry of the expenditure of the Rural Development Plan, a goal that allows you to avoid the automatic de-fund EAFRD co-finances the Regional Rural Development Plan for years 2007/2013'' and 'one that expresses the regional minister for agriculture and forests of Tuscany, Gianni Salvadori, which emphasizes "the importance of the result achieved thanks to the work of the Public offices and Artea, carried out with the collaboration of the provinces, Unions of Municipalities and Local Action Groups. "

Artea, accredited paying agency of the Tuscany Region for the liquidation of the Community agricultural funds, has provided a total of more than 112 million since the beginning of public expenditure on the RDP 2007/2013. They were well exceeded 603 million disbursement from the beginning of the program.

This is the summary for the year 2013: for Axis I of the Rural Development Programme of the Tuscany Region 2007/2013, namely "Interventions for improving the competitiveness of agriculture and forestry" , were paid a total to date of 53 million Euros. Of these 14 million went to voice Modernization of holdings (measure 121), and 5 million have funded public interventions for improvement and infrastructure development. Very important also payments of three new lines of action: almost € 7 million were disbursed for projects covering critical supply chain (PIF), more than 11 million to support youth entrepreneurship and 5 million for the "conversion and restructuring of the tobacco. " (Continued)

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