(ASCA) - Rome, -'' The birth of the new center-right is one of the most 'important news' policies of 2013 and it' was the clear and unambiguous answer to those who have moved the line towards an inexplicable and radical extremism. NCD We are proud to have voted Giorgio Napolitano and have guaranteed stability 'to Italy through the decisive support to the Government.'' To declare and 'the leader of NCD in the House, Enrico Costa, about the recent controversy on the year-end speech of the President of the Republic. '' It was April 20, 2013 when leading members of the FI greeted with enthusiastic words the news of the re-election of Giorgio Napolitano. They spent a few months and am sorry to see - Costa adds - as, for selfish interests, FI is denying itself.'' '' Giorgio Napolitano was '' the best president that Italy could give 'Silvio Berlusconi, his re-election was' '' a historic milestone for our Republic 'by Renato Brunetta, its hard intervention before the Chambers' a lesson of style and good politics, his high-profile speech he called on all political forces to the sense of responsibility 'also stressed the need' to recover the lost time and arrange to make reforms', to Maria Stella Gelmini. This happened at the end of April 2013 - remember the parent Costa - It's been eight months and even Forza Italy must boycott the New Year message of the Head of State. Gone are the praises, criticism, insinuations sull'impechment, the boycott.'' com-c and g'' This evolution is not extremist and 'useful to the country - said Costa - I' and 'useful to build a center that poses a credible perspective

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