Rome, - "The use of the Senate as a bargaining chip

to the internal feuds of the Democratic Party, most importantly by the Minister for

reports of parliament, shows a respect for the

institutions at a historic low. " The complaint Lucio Malan, senator

Forza Italy, according to which "the question of bicameralism

perfect had already been resolved in a practical and non-vague

< p> proclamations, with the reform of the Berlusconi government was completed in

2005 together with the reduction in the number of MPs, to

strengthening the executive and the rationalization of

< p> regional expertise and state. "

" But the three 'nuovisti' today, Letta, Franceschini and Renzi, you

beat, to important positions, to reject the reform

in the referendum of 25 June 2006, under the leadership of Oscar Luigi

Scalfaro, who proclaimed that to change the Constitution

must be at least 80% of consensus - remember Malan -. The 'new'

Enrico Letta had the key role of Secretary to the

Presidency of the Council, Franceschini was the leader

Prodi and the Olive Renzi was from years president of the

Province of Florence, in which no reform

Constitutional were 75.6% more than in the whole of Central and

North with the sole exception of Livorno. Today, however, it is not

capable of responding to the crisis in the country, to distract

the attention of citizens, using the constitutional reforms as

the traditional New Year's raffle. Imagine the outrage of

conformists if such a cabal was staged by the center

right! "Concludes the exponent of fi.

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