Grosseto, - (Adnkronos) - The City of Isola del Giglio'' expressed'' great satisfaction in receiving the note from the Ministry of Environment, for using the Entity Tuscan Archipelago National Park, on the eve of Christmas, confirmed the allocation 800 thousand euro for the construction of a museum and a tourist attraction point inside the fortress of Giglio Castello.

It is extraordinary resources agreed by the Mayor with the then Environment Minister Corrado Clini and confirmed by the current Minister Andrea Orlando. '' After an active dialogue with the Mayor Sergio Ortelli'' - according to a statement from the Hall of Giglio, the Ministry has confirmed funding for a project to develop the island's peculiarities that consist of a rich and detailed environmental and cultural heritage and that, finally, will be in the Rock Pisa their vital fulcrum. It is expected, among other things, the recovery of some environments, in the south-east is currently not available.

'' will be an opportunity - the mayor Ortelli - to return to the usability of gigliesi in the first place and tourists an extraordinary good as the Rock, today, unfortunately, open to the public only in the boardroom and in the remaining parts for what concerns exceptional occasions.'' Just as it was last summer, for the exhibition of the Corsairs that the City has decided to organize, in collaboration with the Pro Loco and has obtained the consent of all. Now it comes to defining the final project in a short time and then start work in concert with the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany involved and architectural and landscape of the provinces of Siena and Grosseto.

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